Read This Before Purchasing Tai Lopez’s Social Media Marketing Agency Training

Yes, I bought Tai’s course and I have an opinion about it.  I am also a female, which is not the usual demographic of Tai’s customers, so perhaps that will tweak your interest to read further.

I am not necessarily recommending that you buy or do not buy this course.  Creating your own business can be a very daunting prospect.  Before jumping into anything I suggest you read about my experience and learn what you can from free information that is readily available on the internet related to business building and the pitfalls that it can entail.  Perhaps I can introduce you to some information early on in your business building career that will help you avoid those pitfalls.

To make a long story short I purchased Tai’s course on May 27, 2017 and now I have a whole lot of mixed feelings about it.  I have finished the first 22 lessons and I am feeling quite overwhelmed.  I am also seriously questioning why I purchased  a course about creating a business around social media when I pretty much hate social media.  What the heck was I thinking?

Here is what I was thinking before purchasing it.  I was looking for a business opportunity where I would be in demand and would also be able to help people in some way.  What I enjoy most is being able to make a positive difference in people’s lives.  I haven’t been super good at this so far in life, but Tai’s course was going to teach me how to help struggling business owners turn it around by optimizing their social media advertising.  YES!!  This is it!!  I found the right opportunity.

So while I was going through the course and getting overwhelmed with the information in the course, Tai started introducing more money making opportunities.  After finishing lesson 10, I was given the opportunity to attend a seminar by Sam Ovens, a millionaire consultant who could teach me how to duplicate his success very quickly.  Yes, I attended that webinar.  Then I started thinking that would probably be a better opportunity for me.  Mr. Ovens talked about using the skills that you already have and building a consulting business around that.  That sounded good but cost around $2000.  I had already made one rather impulsive buy so I didn’t go for that.

Tai also emailed me a link to the information page about his course which teaches you how to start becoming a real estate investor.  Did I watch that too?  Yep.  It sounded like a realistic enough endeavor, but by this time I was totally confused and feeling like I had made a bad decision and chosen the wrong opportunity for me.

I also realized that Tai Lopez had been making it increasingly difficult to qualify for a refund for the SMMA course.  You can find the refund policy here.

Does this story have a happy ending?  Maybe.

As I was going through this process and becoming a bit despondent, I remembered a webinar that I had attended a few years back that was created by Rich Shefren.  I remember him discussing this very same phenomenon of getting overwhelmed by opportunities and information and not really making progress creating any kind of business or profit.  I went looking for some of his old marketing information in hopes of finding some clarity.

First I wound up at the page for Rich Shefren’s “Internet Business Manifesto” – which is a free report you you can get by email if you, of course, give your email address.  I’m sure you know the drill by now.  Here is a link

Internet Business Manifesto

Of course I wound up signing up for you guessed it, another webinar, after reading the information presented in the free report.

You can skip the Internet Business Manifesto if you’d like and just sign up for the webinar, which basically just explains what is in the Manifesto, as well as a lot more information if you click the link below.

Business Growth System Webinar Signup

Is Rich Shefren trying to sell you something?  A high end information course perhaps?  Of course he is.  However, I will say that I have found the free information that he offers some of the best that is available to anyone who is interested in starting their own internet business.  I find most of the marketing webinars that I see these days to provide very little information while spending a very long time giving an extended sales pitch.  This webinar is lengthy but very informative and I am now beginning to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

I have not purchased any of his courses, so I cannot wholeheartedly recommend them to you.

I do know that going forward I am going to start researching the two things Rich Shefren discussed in the webinar I saw:

1.  The need to create my business around my strengths.

2.  Learning about systems thinking.  Internet business is way too complicated not to think this way.

Do you see Rich Shefren’s face plastered all over YouTube and Facebook?  Nope.  There is a reason for that.  The information that he provides pretty much sells itself.  The value he offers in his free reports speaks for itself.  And they are FREE reports, so use them and absorb their wisdom.  Attend a webinar if you have the time.  I don’t think you’ll regret it.

Rich Shefren is known as the guru’s guru and has been the mentor of many successful internet entrepreneurs.  So before you dive down the rabbit hole that is Tai Lopez’s internet marketing machine I suggest you explore some of the free resources that Rich Shefren offers.

Did I buy Rich Shefren’s information product?  Nope.  I have already invested in Tai’s program and am still hoping for the best despite having many doubts.

So if you want to start an internet business, or any kind of business really, I suggest you fully investigate all of the free resources that Rich Shefren has to offer.